We are at the pinnacle of twelve hundred years of technique united with contemporary artistic sensibility.


Architecture has long been considered the Queen of the Arts, and stained glass is her handmaiden. As craftsmen, we work to imbue a building with a graceful quality which can not be accomplished any other way. Just as importantly, we know our place as a part of the building fabric. Our work must succeed functionally every bit as much as it does artistically. It must endure radical variations in temperature, withstand near hurricane wind loads, and remain weather tight over decades of driving rain.

There is only one way to achieve those goals: superior craftsmanship coupled with experience. We have dismantled and rebuilt hundreds and hundreds of leaded glass windows. We have seen in the most dramatic ways what works and what doesn’t. Not only have our fabrication techniques been refined but so has our basic understanding of the engineering and structure required to build a lasting and functional work of leaded glass art.

Commissions & Fine Art Restoration & Conservation