We’ve completed our work on time and within budget all over the world. We have a combination of skills available through our Studio that are unparalleled anywhere else. In a nutshell: we are state of the art.

Commissions & Fine Art

We occupy a unique position in the stained glass industry. Our passion for artistic refinement is wedded to the core belief that possessing the skill set to restore the masterworks of preceding centuries gives us creative license to perform wonders of contemporary art. Among our credentials are degrees from the École des Beaux-Arts, CCAC, Pilchuck Glass School, San Francisco Academy of Art, and the Penland School of Crafts, along with decades of conservation for and collaboration with the De Young Museum, Oakland Museum, California Office of Historic Preservation, National Maritime Museum, US Department of the Interior, and the Getty Museum and Family.

We are a studio in the classic sense: while one of several artists may lead the work there are many practiced hands with diverse and special talents to execute it. On average, there is well over 100 years of combined experience focused on major projects. And our staff is typically an equal number of men and woman with an enviable level of skilled cooperation. They are remarkable people, doing remarkable work.

You must remember, though we are a studio as a commercial enterprise, we are also an allied group of individual artists. We produce original and independent work. And we can combine those talents to achieve breathtaking results.

The Creation Process Restoration & Conservation