Reflection Studios takes great pride in carrying forward the knowledge, techniques, and discipline for mastery of our craft. And, in significant ways, we are recognized for improving the quality of this work.

The Creation Process

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  • Step 1: The Design Process
    The design dialogue generally begins with scale drawings and ends with a full size cartoon. This image is a “mock-up”, which demonstrates the final glass selection and lead thickness.
  • Step 2: Glass Selection
    The art of stained glass involves harnessing and controlling the interaction of glass and light. We use a multitude of light tables and light easels as we select, cut, and arrange the glass pieces which will compose our window.
  • Step 3: Glass Painting
    Fine art is as much about control of the medium as it is about artistic inspiration. No matter the brilliance of one's vision, its expression is dependent upon mastery of technique to make it "fine".
  • Step 4: Glass Layout
    Many works of glass art can be rendered through the traditional use of lead lines, the careful selection of colored glass, and skilled glass painting. However, other projects demand the attention to detail more common to the production of fine jewelry.
  • Step 5: Fabrication
    Since it serves as a part of the building fabric, leaded glass must not only bear its own weight, but must also serve as a weather tight barrier against resisting rain, wind, and extremes of temperature. The only way to achieve that is with superior materials and painstaking craftsmanship.
  • Step 6: Installation
    We design, engineer, fabricate, and install. We are licensed and insured. We do the same skilled work on the ordinary as we do on the monumental. Engineering hurdles and creative challenges are always welcome.